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We track wherever we can, thus naming ourselves “Wayfarer”, currently our recording space is a locker room in a basement of a studio in Hackney, with all of our microphones, drum kits, guitars, a heap loads of effect pedals, some amps, electric pianos, synths and all of the studio essentials.

      Mic Locker:

Royer R121, 2x Neumann KM184's, JZ V67 and V47 Neumann clones, JZ V12 AKG clone, Sennheiser MD 421, Sennheiser SM7B, 2x Shure SM57’s, Shure SM58, AKG D112, Sontronics Saturn.

We can also directly inject your electronic signal straight into our AD converter with the tasty A-Designs tube REDDI and Rupert Neve RNDI DI boxes. We have 16 channels of Universal Audio and Focusrite microphone preamps.

See below a sample in pictures of our ever growing gear inventory:



Authenticity is the key to mixing at Wayfarer, the aim will always be to represent the artists’ own sound and to respect the supplied
recordings whether tracked by us or not. You can be sure that we’ll bring the damn magic out, from delicate
to outright brutal, motorboating music is our business.

Mixing is mainly done in the box using plugins by Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Waves, Izotope, Softube and more… However we do use some external analog gear to manipulate that sweet alternating current, such as our vintage Pioneer spring reverb and our Tascam TSR-8 1/2 inch 8 track 15ips professionally calibrated tape machine.


We’ve got the experience with delivering masters from digital streaming to vinyl formats and we’ll always be sensible when it comes to that shameful “loudness war”: all we want is peace and love, right? Let the music breathe man.

Although we recommend that you employ the services of a specialised and dedicated mastering engineer we are more than competent enough to deliver commercial grade masters to you.

We use plug ins from Universal Audio, Audio Ease, Nugen Audio to iZotope's Ozone 7 Advanced, making sure that your music translates seamlessly to any systems. Referencing is done with monitors from Adam and Auratone, calibrated Sennheiser HD600 headphones by Sonarworks, with a +/-0.9 dB or better accuracy across all frequency range, giving us the ability to work with complete confidence.



The main man “muff” here at Wayfarer has almost 8 years of
experience in sound post-production, having worked on numerous
projects for ITV, BBC, Channel 4 to Nat Geo, online content, films and
VR app, as a sound designer, sound editor, foley editor and dubbing
mixer. We’ll make sure your sound design requirements are delivered
to the upmost quality mixed to spec.


We believe your project and message are the most important part of the journey and our aim when it comes to sonics is to be simple, honest, legitimate, brutal and emotional. We worship the truth, alternative facts are not welcome here.

Wayfarer sound studio was founded by sound engineer Alexis “Muff” Meridol and mcbess.

MUFF is a half english half french guy who grew up in an alpine village snowboarding and eating melted cheese whilst listening to the Clash, Dead Kennedys, Nirvana… He moved to London as a teenager for that sweet music city vibe and then got itself a degree in music tech. Working his way up in the audio industry from running in a Soho post house to working in machine rooms, assisting and editing, he became a mixing engineer. Muff works on a wide variety of music genres from super chill to intense "in your face business" and is a specialist in sound post-production, he eats everything that kicks ass. He’s also had the fortunate opportunity to learn first hand from sound engineer legend Steve Albini, his workflow, recording and mixing techniques have made a huge impact on muff’s work philosophy and DIY approach. The man’s also a member of the band Hanging Valleys, go check ‘em out if you need to calm your shit down and dream of being naked in the nature.

Mcbess is an illustrator and the head of Dirty Melody Records.

Our clients includes The Dead Pirates, Heavy Menthol, Hanging Valleys, Mcbaise and Meat Candy.

Anyway, we can’t believe you read all this horse shit, get in contact and let’s work together on your next project!.